Gemio 2 Custom Design Band (50 band minimum)

Create your custom designed Tile set for an event, brand, festival, concert, a cause. Rock band? DJ? We will create a custom Gemio tile set for your fans.

Music Mesh & DJ Control - comes pre-installed with software to connect a group or a crowd and orchestrate effects with millions of colors of light using the App.  See demo

Minimum order of 50 bands 

Gemio 2 Band. Includes: smoky grey Tile set; flexible, slip on band; 20 RGB LED array; microphone, 3-axis accelerometer, light sensor; haptic feedback vibration motor; splash resistant; Bluetooth Low Energy radio; up to 8-hour battery life; USB charging with cable; band size: 2.67" x 2.2" x .67"; band circumference: 5" - 7".  Free App on iOS and Android to DJ Control effects all bands.

After ordering, send your pdf, jpg, or png file to We'll start on your design right away!


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