Spiro Medallion/Coaster

The Smart Medallion & Coaster with a mind bending Spiro design connects you to your music and the crowd.  Comes with Music Mesh and DJ Control to sync to your music and create your own orchestrated light show across an unlimited number of devices using millions of colors. 

A slot on the back lets you connect it to a necklace to wear it as a medallion, or lay them out as brilliant smart coasters.

Rechargeable through a Micro-USB port.  Up to 10 hours of battery life.  Micro-USB cable included.

3.5" (8.9 CM) diameter. Water resistant.  

FREE US Shipping on orders $49+.  Free iOS & Android app for DJ Control. 

Music Mesh & DJ Control - sync your friends or a crowd in a brilliant Music MeshTM!  Orchestrate effects with millions of colors of light using the App.  See demo. 

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